Futurecovery.com – Discover Your Future

Futurecovery.comFuturecovery is a simple mini app which is Ajax based. People are always guessing what they will become in ten years time, what they will be doing in a week, or indeed next year.

Futurecovery simply lets the user choose a date, write what they think they will be, have become, or want to be, type in their e-mail and click send.

Futurecovery automatically freezes your promise and stores it until the magic day comes. When the time comes, we will heat up your promise with hope, and after midday that day your promises will be sent back to you. You are then the one to decide whether or not you are in the right place, doing the right thing, and have lived your dreams.

This little app serves as a sort of reminder of the things that each of us wants to accomplish. All people have hopes and dreams, or maybe just simple goals that they shouldn’t forget. Futurecovery.com will hopefully make everyone who participates remember what they where shooting for and have a bit of fun.