KillerStartups – Imagine the Future

Future Blogger is a blogging community dedicated to exploring the future. It enables anyone and everyone interested in the future to easily post their thoughts, predictions and scenarios before a like-minded group of people.

These posts are then rated by the community, with the best content rising to the top and onto the front page. Future Blogger’s main page is structured by a mix of community ratings and editorial curation. Composed of high-level interviews, custom illustrations, entertaining polls and all the best the community has to offer, the site is an engaging combination of top-down and bottom-up that gives every future blogger a chance to reach a broader audience.

Providing a shot to the arm of Future Blogger is its sister application Future Scanner, which aggregates and organizes the best future-related content on the web by year and category. Future Blogger users gain access to the Future Scanner through the same central user account and can use the site to easily browse and keep track of their favorite future links. Whenever a Future Blogger post receives enough votes it is automatically submitted to the Future Scanner, boosting its reach and social surface area.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Whether you’re a budding futurist, aspiring sci-fi author, passionate debater or seasoned pro, Future Blogger may be just the outlet you’re looking for. A unique crowd-powered structure for your original predictions, visions and scenarios, Future Blogger provides a stage from which you can share your thoughts about tomorrow with a like-minded community. How do YOU see the future unfolding?

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