KillerStartups – A Meta Psychedelic Site

Risking a rather deserved reproach of paradox, I have to say that this psychedelic site needs to explain itself a bit more than it currently does. Indeed, visitors of FusionAnomaly.

com will be greeted by an extremely trippy site which seems to have been hijacked by the abominable plague of the animated gifs, and where there is not a single explanation of aims or some minimal services, like indicating where the links you click on will take you to: it’s all about experience, the implicit message of the site appears to be. In any case, this site is the hardest thing to read I have ever come across: the rainbow-colored lettering over undulating black layout tends to make the understanding of the effects caffeine have on your brain a rather herculean job, because note that is very eclectic in terms of content, as it comprises erowid-like entries on stimulants, articles and links to landmarks in popular culture like the Clockwork Orange, The Beatles, Cabaret Voltaire or Copyleft; they also publish articles on practices such as Aikido or Alchemy, alongside profiles of fruits, vegetables and links to recipes to cook them.

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