KillerStartups – When To Sell A Fund is a non-commercial website.

They help you decide when it’s the best time for you to sell a fund. Instead of buying funds, in this site you can find information on when to sell them. In the Quick Search of this site you can enter your mutual fund symbol to see how this site rates your fund. In the Inside section you can view data tables, check out the fund lists, read commentaries, join in discussion boards and much more. If you have a 3-Alarm fund then you can enter the data table for your fund, you can also check the list of 3-Alarm funds, read the most alarming 3-Alarm funds, the Honor Roll or read the discussion paper Deciding to Sell a Mutual Fund. You can also read about what is going on with your fund, become a member of this site or use the help and support they provide. You can also use the contact information if you have any further questions about the contents of this site.

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