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Fuller.eduFuller.edu is the website of Fuller Theological Seminary, an evangelical center to study and learn God’s Word.

For the ones that have received His calling in their lives. Fuller Theological Seminary has three schools, Theology, Psychology and Intercultural Studies that offers 13 different degrees. Certificate programs are also available. The campuses are located in Colorado, Northern California, Sothern California, Sacramento, Texas, Pasadena, Northwest, and Southwest. If you cannot attend classes in a traditional campus, Fuller Theological Seminary also offers courses online and through the Office of Extended Education where you can get degrees such as Certificate in Youth Ministry and Certificate of Christian Studies, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, Master of Arts in Theology and Master of Divinity. Visit Fuller.edu, browse the Centers and Institutes and get all the info you need to make up your mind. All have academic excellence, from the African American Church Studies, the center for Lifelong Learning, Center for Advanced Theological Studies to the Global Research Institute and the Hispanic Church Studies. If you are a person of faith that has received His calling, Fuller.edu may be the institution for you. Fuller.edu