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FTMguide.orgThis site provides a guide with information on topics that will be of interest to female-to-male, trans men, their friends and loved ones as well everywhere. You can look for information in the different categories such as Testosterone, Surgery, Clothing, Resources, Presenting as Male and Miscellaneous.


In the Testosterone section you can find information about compounding pharmacies, myths, misconceptions, general health, testosterone therapy, hormones and the body and much more. In the Surgery section you can read about chest reconstruction surgeries, hysterectomy, Oophorectomy and about genital reconstruction surgeries. In the Clothing section you can read about men’s shoes in small sizes, men’s clothes for short and small guys, suits and ties for the beginner as well. In the resources section you can find books and related links with similar information. You can also read in this site tips and advice for trans men in swimming and locker rooms, how to create a realistic bulge and much more.


Author : Mery Fisher

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