– Scans and Pictures from Old Books

FromOldBooks.orgEver wanted to capture that image from an old book you had in your hand and use it on the computer? Sometimes, while doing a project for work or school, you have to look up all these antique style books from the library. But, you can’t exactly rip out an image from the book, unless you want to go to jail.

Instead, you have to waste time and money taking it to a photocopy machine and everyone knows how much of a hassle that can be. Don’t waste your time anymore. Projects can be made easy, especially projects on History related topics. Head to has over 2,145 high-resolution images scanned from more than 100 different old or rare books, with extracts. These books are then transferred to clip-art files and easy printed out from your computer. It’s easy and it’s free. The site has four different categories so that you don’t have to do too much searching around to find what you want. Categories include online reference books, illustrations and short extracts, other pictures, and pictures of old books. Head to when you’re doing your next History project.