– Fritos Snacks Product Website

Fritos.comWe are all familiarized with Fritos: flat small snack tortillas made of sweet corn (the direct predecessor of Doritos), and so we have, the official product site for consumers, fully animated in flash but unfortunately not too filled with content.

When entering this site you see a kitchen with a couple of highlighted objects (a couple of Fritos bags, some vegetables, several snapshots in the fridge), and when clicking into it users are presented with a complete description of each of the brand’s product, including the nutritional info (the same black and white square notice at the back of the bags, in the same small print), some recipes, the history of the brand and a clip from an ad campaign featuring a funny dog that flips a corn chip into his mouth. Users familiarized with other food brands’ sites will find Fritos’ missing several features, like a more comprehensive recipe database, games and printables.