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AggieLance.comWhat is Aggie-Lance? Aggie-Lance is a web based service for agribusinesses around the world. The purpose is to provide a connecting place for those that have project needs, and those who provide them.

The mission of Aggie-Lance LLC is to be the central hub for agribusinesses and freelance professionals and small businesses. What does it do? Aggie-Lance creates space on the internet that allows people and businesses to post projects that need to be done. Additionally, you can post the short term positions where short term help might come in handy. They can however end up becoming an employee. When jobs are posted on the Aggie-Lance website, they are communicated to entire communities of freelance professionals and small businesses. As interested parties learn of your project or contracted work needed, they will visit the website and place bids on the work. Every project posted on Angie-Lance will be helping a great cause. When a bidder wins a project and completes work as a result of finding it on Aggie-Lance, 2% of that project total will go to charity. Primarily, it will be used to educate agriculturists in developing countries, in the effort to increase agriculture productivity and economy.