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FraudLabs.comIf you own an online business you are sure to need a service for online credit card transactions that will help you reduce online credit card fraud. FraudLabs develops advanced scoring systems for credit card transactions.


This industrial strength, secure and automated XML-based solution, can be used by online merchants to validate credit card transactions that take place on their websites. FraudLabs web service screens and identifies online credit card fraud based on certain transaction parameters from the orders that are placed online.

FraudLabs provides an effective solution to put a stop to chargebacks and to decrease fraud for businesses that work online. On the site online merchants can take a look at all the web services provided by FraudLabs, as well as find out more in depth information on this and all of their products. FraudLabs provides online demos that clients can try out free of charge and test out for themselves.


Author : Liam Gray

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