KillerStartups – Fort Myers Chamber Of Commerce

Fortmyers.orgHosted at, the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce gathers together over 1,400 professionals and businesses in Lee County, Florida.

Its website contains information connected with Lee County, such as all the information you would need should you want to relocate your business to that area, or start a business from scratch there. In addition to that, there is a member directory that can supply you with contact information in the event you are looking for a business or service in Lee County. Another section of the site showcases the events and social activities held by the chamber. Likewise, the site emphasizes the role of the Chamber of Commerce in furthering education, as each year it allocates 10 % of all membership dues to an education fund, which provides help to teachers and educational facilities alike. A photo gallery that highlights the most salient aspects of Lee County is also included at the website. Lastly, the site gives information on the Chamber’s newsletter, which is known as “The Greater Network News” and it is mailed to all members. Likewise, it is available at the Chamber’s Office. Past newsletters can be downloaded online.

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