– Fires Of Heaven

Fohguild.orgThis is the house of a community of gamers who seem to be very concentrated in their stuff; so if you don’t understand a thing about Fires of Heaven, don’t bother. If you are new to this site you won’t find any guide to their virtual world. is the guild of a community that focuses on role games and strategy games, such as World of Warcraft and EverQuest. Inside the site you’ll really lose contact with the real world. You can find some unbelievable classifieds such as “Recruiting druid, shaman, and priest” or “our ideal applicant should be finished with high school, college, alcoholism, courting women, and drug addictions.” To see the accessible features, you should check the links on the left had side of your screen, where you will find the site’s news archive, as well as message boards and links to other pages. If you enter as a guest you’ll be a passive observer of the community’s dynamic. However, if you want to become a member, you must gather a number of strict requirements and codes.