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FlyRuby.comNow you can pretend you are living it really large, and book a private jet to travel like never before. That is what this new site is here for. It goes by the name of Fly Ruby, and it will let you search, compare, and book private air charters online.


Finding a flight through Fly Ruby is as easy as submitting your intended itinerary for all the available private jets to be brought into your consideration. You will be able to filter results both by performance and by cost, and once you have found one jet that seems to meet both criteria then you will be allowed to book it right away. And once the booking has been made, you will be able to modify the itinerary afterwards in the event there is a change of plans.

When launching a search through Fly Ruby you can look up flights for up to 14 passengers at the same time. And you can set the hourly rate you can afford using a slider which can go all the way to $ 8000. Living it large indeed… In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is very direct to use – you are not required to sign up or submit an email in order to see any results, for example.

Some Questions About

On the whole, how does it compare with websites like OneSky and Blue Star?


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