Flowserve.com – Pumps & Valves Supplier

Flowserve.comFlowserve is a company that takes care of and controls the flow of materials in a wide range of industries. The company was established in 1997, and its site can be reached at Flowserve.

com. In addition to providing background information on the company and its mission, the site features a list of served industries as well as a description of the featured products and services. The industries that the company serves include power generation facilities and chemical processing enterprises, as well as water resources industries. On the other hand, featured products include pumps, valves and steam systems, whilst services of note include a condition data point monitoring program that involves using proactive maintenance techniques to solve common rotating equipment problems. For its part, a section entitled “Sales Locator” makes for finding retail locations by specifying the corresponding State and the type of location from the provided drop down boxes. Information for investors is provided in the section under the pertinent heading, whereas news and events are spotlighted in the relevant pages. Flowserve.com