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Flocabulary.comDo you find the way your teachers are teaching you a bit boring? Same old activities and lessons, but what happens when you have to memorise information when it comes to exams? Exams are the hardest part of your school and high school career. Remembering dates and information on historical events can be really tough, and the way your teacher teaches you these things doesn’t help either.


How can you memorise all the information for you exam and have fun? has the answer for you. is the home page of the Higher Level Learning and Curriculum Company. This company was brought about by a high schooler’s idea of fusing hip hop songs and rap songs with education. What? You read right. is education but in hip hop songs. One of the founders of the company remembers thinking to himself, ¨why is it that I can memorise hip hop and rap lyrics, but have trouble memorising information for my exams¨? With that thought and help of friends who were already famous in the music industry, came to be. To find out more on this education revolution, please head to


Author : Caroline Bright

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