Flippity.com – Finding Nearby eBay Auctions

Flippity.comFlippity can be termed a tool for the visual discovery and mapping of eBay items that can be bought in your close vicinity. Such a tool is especially useful for these items that are troublesome when it comes to being shipped such as cars, real estate and furniture.

Buyers get to avoid shipping delays and costs, not to mention the horror of broken items and the subsequent return and refund process. For its part, sellers are freed from the niggles of dealing with packaging, shipping and related issues.

In a certain sense, this site works in tandem with Craigslist. Flippity complements Craiglist since many local items for sale on eBay are not on the popular classifieds site, and as a result buyers are provided with even more options to compare and weigh up.

For the time being, the site is currently available only for those who reside in the US. I think that making it functional worldwide is not only a good idea but an obvious step in its development, and one that should not be delayed that much.

Flippity.com In Their Own Words

“Map local eBay listings!”

Why Flippity.com It Might Be A Killer

It is useful if only because it broadens the spectre considerably as far as buying online goes – what is not listed on Craiglist is often listed on eBay, and it becomes easily findable through the site.

Some Questions About Flippity.com

When will this service go worldwide? Flippity.com