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Fletc.Gov – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Fletc.GovFletc.Gov is the official website for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


The FLETC serves as an interagency law enforcement training organization over 80 Federal agencies. The center also provides services to state, local, and international law enforcement agencies. This Center is headquartered at Glynco, GA, near the port city of Brunswick. It also operate two other residential training site is Artesia, NM, and Charleston, SC. Export training and technology-based distributed learning are increasingly important methods of training delivery. These methods are used when the programs being taught do no require specialized facilities and/or when a geographical concentration of personnel can be identified. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that provide more information about this center. These categories are About FLETC, Training, Student Info, Employment, News, and Reference. Its mission is to train those who protect their homeland, and they do it by providing fast, flexible, and focused training to secure and protect America. Fletc.Gov


Author : Pat Gregson

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