search cancel – Have an Attitude is the place to rant and talk about anything that is on your mind anonymously, uncensored, and unfiltered.


Do you have the urge to bash your boss, next door neighbor, or just life in general? You can share it on and discuss it with others at the same time. No matter what topic is on your mind, at you can let the flaming begin. On the site you will find posts by people that have very different opinions on a variety of topics, and that’s what makes it interesting. Your posts can be about anything under the sun, so rant all you want about anything you feel like mouthing off about. The floor is open for your inner-most thoughts, so don’t hold back. If you don’t agree with something someone has posted, let them know what you think. On this site you are free to speak your mind. Many people use the internet for stress relief and that’s why there is so much ranting and flaming going on all the time. This is why was created, the Ultimate place to rant and flame anything and everything.


Author : Charly Zaks

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