FlagHouse.com – Sports And Special Needs

FlagHouse.comFlaghouse.com is a web site that provides physical education professionals and professionals who treat people with physical disabilities with physical education equipment and programs.

Four different categories are provided for you to choose the one you most interested in: recreation, special populations, sensory solutions and activities for life. By clicking on each of these categories you will be provided with information regarding the topic you chose. For physical education and recreation, you will be provided with free activity guides, game tables and items for every need. You can go to the online catalogue to see which products FlagHouse has to offer, and if interested in any of them, you can order from the page. Products specially designed for people with disabilities are provided in the site, as well. Movi-changer, chairs, desks and free grantwriting help are some of the items offered in the page. In this section you can also check out the catalogue and see the special products FlagHouse has for you. FlagHouse.com