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FlagFocus.infoAt you will find from a wide selection of flags from the various countries, principalities, and dependencies of the world to several hundred vexillogical images that any vexillophilist will appreciate.


It is also a valuable source for maps, and other information about the places mentioned at the homepage located at the World Factbook. If you want to get a quick perspective about countries and other geographical areas, this is the right place to find it. The primary function of flags has always been a form of social communication, as well as having practical applications such as: represents and identify the existence, presence, origin, authority, possession, loyalty, glory, beliefs, objective, and status of an entire country or region. But to understand the significance of a flag, one must appreciate a flag’s historical development, because the colors and designs of national flags are usually not arbitrarily selected. At this website you will find this valuable material and much more.


Author : Pat Gregson

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