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FirstAlert.comLoosing a loved one because they haven’t been warned of a fire can be really tragic. But, sadly, it happens too often.


In just a matter of seconds your house can turn alight and you can be trapped inside with no escape. These statements might sound a little exaggerated, but they really do happen. There are many cases reported where the person who passed away could have gotten out if they had a prior warning. Be warned of the flames before they even come. How? By installing a smoke alarm system. First Alert is the most trusted and recognized smoke alarm system on the market. First Alert has been taking care of American families for many years and it’s proven to be a useful tool. There have been many preventions of death cases nationwide thanks to the trusty alarm systems. To protect yourself and your family from fire hazards, don’t choose anything other than the First Alarm brand in smoke alarms and detectors. Learn more about protecting yourself at


Author : Caroline Bright

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