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Filoogle.comThose who might be looking for a service that is similar to the traditional services provided by Google’s search engine might be satisfied with this online resource. In fact, you can consider Filoogle.


com as an interesting service that gives you the chance to make web searches with the difference that you can also make different searches through the whole quantity of indexed files.

This site works in a very simple way, by using a method that could be defined as “Google hacking”. Filoogle was designed with the intention to search the internet in a more efficient way, and giving you exactly what you want to find. is a system that uses the power provided by Google in order to filter the results so you can find and share all kinds of files and folders. No matter what kinds of material you want to find, this site will give you the chance to get a variety of torrents, as well as music and videos, in addition to albums, programs, eBooks and much more.

You can star enjoying all the benefits provided by this site in a very simple way and if you want to learn more about it just give it a visit or get in touch with its developers to ask any questions. In Their Own Words

“Use the power of Google to search for any file you want.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site will be useful for the many people that want to find only what they need and no more than that.

Some Questions About

How is this system going to evolve in the near future?


Author : Paul Barker

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