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Filmutea.comFilmutea is a vertical social network for indie film professionals. The Internet and Digital Revolutions are changing the way independent filmmakers work, fund, produce, advertise, and distribute their films.

Filmutea is core to helping these filmmakers take advantage of Web 2.0 to realize their film productions. On this site you can join a community network of more than 25,000 film professionals in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and the UK. Filmutea allows you to empower your film career by providing a jobs board, casting calls, film resources, contacts, URL, CV/Profile, it also allows you to embed your videos, create your groups, upload your production photos, and much more. Filmutea is the place where people can make films and share their talent. This is a vertical Web 2.0 film site that actively listens to the community and that believes in collaborations, and a great platform for discovering new talent. Filmutea is 100% focused on the filmmakers; what makes it different is that the people behind it are also filmmakers.