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FilmJog.comAre you looking for an effective way to find interesting data about your favorite movies? On you will be able to search for details about every movie ever made. The services provided by this site give you the chance to take a look at movie reviews and tweets about movies, directly from the site. will also let you take a look at profitable charts from movies, and you can also use this site to watch movie trailers online. Many users stop by this site to search for movie reviews and movie details, such as the movie’s release date and length of the movie.

The official site of Film Jog works as a search engine where you will find all the information you want to know about movies, including tweets about movies and movie reviews. So, if you want to find movie details and watch trailers online, stop by In Their Own Words

“So you may be wondering what FilmJog is? Don’t worry it’s simple! FJ is a movie database that uses over 20 different sources and brings them together to produce a very simple and elegant movie database. Just type the name of a film above, then our system will go and find information about it! It’s really that simple!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting solution the possibility to find a wide range of movies in a very simple way.

Some Questions About

Is there any other feature being offered by the site? Is it possible to buy any DVD throught the site?


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