– Where Lost Dogs Are Found

Fidofinder.comFidoFinder is a website that has the objective of reuniting lost dogs with their owners. To these ends, an account must be created online.

Once this has been done, it is possible to use the features available at FidoFinder. The site is subdivided in two main categories, which go by the names of “Lost” and “Found”. Both categories feature a search engine that takes a plethora of aspects into consideration, such as breed, color, size, and gender. When it comes to lost dogs, the reward offered by the owner is highlighted, and contact information is provided. The site also features links to sites of interest, such as shelters; and lost dog statistics can be consulted online as well. In addition to that, a donation ballot is carried out every month, and members can vote for the organization that they think deserves to receive a prize that amounts to 1,000 US$.