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Ferretcentral.orgThe ferret is a domestic mammal that is part of the weasel family. They grow to around half a meter in length live to between seven and ten years of age.

The ferret has been a domestic animal for around two and a half thousand years and is generally kept as pets although they were originally kept more often for hunting rabbits. These day many people keep ferrets as pets and there are estimated to be as many as eight hundred thousand being kept by people in the United States. If you have a ferret as a pet or are interested in owning one in the future then you might like to take a look at a web site that offers its visitors a vast range of information and support. www.ferretcentral.org has been visited more than two million times in its history and has a range of frequently asked questions and answers, news, resources, photos and more on offer. Ferretcentral.org