Fernlea.com – Flowers And Plants

Fernlea.comFernlea.com is the official website of Fernlea, an American grower and supplier company of high quality garden and potted plants.

This company, which was founded in 1939 as a family business, has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of garden plants in North America. At their website you can browse trough their entire catalogue of flowers and plants. Each one of them displays pictures, descriptions, and prices, but they are not available to purchase online. In order to buy one of their products, you can check here where their closest retail store from your home is, just by submitting your zip code. Besides this, you will also find here some articles about gardening, featuring tips and guides on how create your own garden. Finally, you can get a subscription to their free email newsletter, to their garden club, and access their support team either by email or phone. Fernlea.com