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FeelTipTop.comThis is a search engine with a bit of a twist thrown in for good measure: it carries out semantic analyses of the queries that are inputted, and the user can then come across solutions (or “Tips”, to be more specific) to any given conundrum. Technically speaking, what it does is to scour the social web and analyze conversational data and messages found there.


Of course, the word that springs to mind when reading a phrase like that one is “Twitter”, and the association is fully accurate.

The displaying of messages itself falls into two main categories, actually: ”Tips” and “Pits”. The former are those messages that (according to the site) “contain positive sentiment of to-do statements”. Conversely, “pits” have mainly a negative content, but they are equally useful when it boils down to making decisions.

The main development that this brings forth is that it can extract meanings in real time and reveal interesting sentiment and insights as regards any concept or idea that is discussed on the social web at any given time. You can give it a try at the address which is provided below and see if it can effectively let you put an end to any worry on your mind or not. In Their Own Words

“TipTopSMis a platform for semantic analysis of natural language which looks at data as a source of tips that help people solve problems. A problem that is at the top of someone’s mind can often be solved satisfactorily with a good set of tips. TipTopSM hopes you will discover useful and relevant tips for your tops every time you visit, and that you have fun exploring our site — in short, we hope the experience leaves you feeling tip top!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept of scouring the social web for information is nothing new, but this particular solution does bring a fresh twist into the proceedings.

Some Questions About

How can this technology be maximized and put to its best use? In which cases could it turn out to yield the best results?


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