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Fbodaily.comFBO is an organization that compiles the Federal Government contracting opportunities and information. The site is updated daily, so that you don’t miss any important information.


At the left side of your screen, you can find a link that is called “FBO today”. By clicking in it, you will access the brand new contracting and award’s opportunities. The opportunities are organized in very specific categories, so that you can perform your search in the less possible amount of time. If you go to the “FBO archives” link, you will be able to take a look at some of the opportunities that had existed before. The Loren Data Corporation created the site, and it was done in a very straight and practical way. If you usually look for this kind of information, you can subscribe, so that you don’t need to enter this website every day. Visit and see what it is about.


Author : Fred Inman

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