– Fantasy Football Rankings

FantasyFootballNerd.comFantasy football may not be for everyone, but for those who do participate, it can get pretty competitive. If you pick the right team, you can win a lot, otherwise you lose.

So, staying abreast of football news is key to stay on the top. Thus, FantasyFootballNerd, a newly minted site, is a good place to start. The aptly titled FantasyFootballNerd is actually a meta-search engine that tracks stats and ratings from various sports sites including CBS Sportsline, Fox Sports,, and It combines the ratings from each site to make a combined “nerd” rank for each player. More than 1000 NFL players are ranked. Join to use and customize your own page with newsfeeds and stats or check out the FantasyFootballNerd blog. It’s completely free too. In Their Own Words

“The Fantasy Football Nerd aggregates the rankings of all those sites we pour over prior to our draft and during the season to analyze the rankings given to each player to produce a Nerd Rank. And it’s all available Free”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is convenient if you’re into fantasy football. It makes it easier for you to collect stats and news in one place without having to go from site to site.

Some Questions About

Why not just use RSS feeds? The site design could use some work. Will FantasyFootballNerd be able to attract users? Will users like what they see?