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Famis.orgFAMIS stands for Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan, a health insurance for people living in Virginia. The program beneficiaries are children under 19 who live in that state, do not have other health coverage, and live in families with the income guidelines set by the program. You will find the complete list of eligibility requirements at, the program’s website.


The idea is providing low cost health insurance for children who earn more than what is accepted for entering the FAMIS PLUS program, but who do not have a private service.

The website provides all the information you need for becoming a FAMIS beneficiary, the eligibility requirements plus the non eligibility conditions. The website tools give you the chance to apply online for entering the program, or renewing your membership if you already have one.

Through the member service link, you can send questions, change your information such as address or phone number, or upload related documents. There is also a section that will give you details of the Health Plans available once you are a FAMIS beneficiary, which may be either through Managed Care Organizations, which you can choose depending on your area, or Free for service systems.

Another version of FAMIS is the FAMIS Moms program, aimed at pregnant women for covering their health and the babies’, or during a sixty day period after the pregnancy ended. To qualify for FAMIS MOMS, women must be uninsured, have a medically confirmed pregnancy, live in Virginia and be a U.S. citizen. Legal immigrants can also be part of the program.

Besides this information concerning the FAMIS and FAMIS MOMS plan, the website gives a whole lot of general tips on how to find out whether you have some kind of health insurance or not, plus lots of advice on how to stay healthy according to your age. In Their Own Words

FAMIS is the one Virginia’s program that helps families provide health insurance to their children.

Why It Might Be A Killer lets people from Virginia know how they can enter low cost health programs, which can save them from difficult situations in the future.

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Are there similar health programs in other states? If so, do they have websites with complete information such as


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