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FamilyTreeGuide.comWould you like to create and place your family tree online? Then, you should visit, the site that will help you do so in the easiest possible way.

Family Tree Guide is all about convenience; from the page you will be able to place your family tree online with your own website and website address in a fast and easy way. The only thing you have to do is handle the research of your family´s genealogy and the rest of the work will be handled by Family Tree Guide´s staff; such as the website setup and maintenance. Having your family tree on a web site will allow you to access and edit it from anywhere around the world. The features included on the service are; individual pages, group sheets, descendancy charts, graphical descendancy tracing, etc; the only thing you have to do is to sign up by filling a form in order to take advantage of all the features. The best part is that you don´t have to pay anything in order to sign up; you will get all the features the service offers for free.