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FamilytreeDNA.comA genetics company based in Houston, Texas, Familytree DNA is a laboratory that sells DNA testing for individuals and families in order to help them check paternal and family links, but most importantly unearth their ancestry, both close and distant. This area of the site is divided into several ethnic ancestry groups, like African-American, Native-American, Jewish, that allows users to find probable geographic place of origin also interesting are the test to discover if your DNA matches that of relevant historic figures, like Genghis Khan, Niall of the Nine Hostages and Thomas Jefferson.


The company also hosts a surname database, which can be searched by exact match, sound similarity and other parameters. By ordering a test, which customers receive and send over the mail and is completed at home by taking a cheek swab, they can create a surname project which is a personal family tree, which can be related to other DNA-based family trees of users who’ve also created their family trees online.


Author : Steve Dixon

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