Fakes.net – Hilarious Movie Reviews

Fakes.netMovie summaries, together with hotel brochures and marketing white papers, are probably the most boring thing in the world of writing: the formulas have been repeated so many times that by line three you can very accurately predict the rest. Fakes.

net does not do much to fight it, other than write really funny movie reviews, where they ruthlessly dissect the characters, pose mean remarks about the situations, and spoil the end. The site reviews every week’s releases, and post their musings for your reading pleasure, plus they issue a naked report to let you know if there is any nudity in the film –with an interest that has quite little to do with parental guidance. You can browse the latest releases, or take a look at the archive to find reviews from pictures in the last years, plus some classics as well. Take into account that the reviews are text-only and may be lengthy, so if you are not too much into reading –regardless of how funny the piece might be— you can’t say you’ve been warned. Fakes.net