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FacebookAllEvents.comA service that is not groundbreaking in terms of inventiveness but which is incredibly useful nonetheless, Facebook All Events will let you cast a bird’s eye on all activity going on within the social network par excellence. Users of the site have a single spot in which events and activities are listed as they become available, and the risk of bypassing an event that we might enjoy because we are missing one or two contacts that could have led to the association is minimized.


As it is only fit, you can specify which kind of events you are actually keen on. Unless you are a bit of a larger-than-life character you are not going to be interested in every single kind of event, and the fact that you couldn’t attend all of them even if you wanted just can’t be obviated either.

As a result, you can choose to have only events appertaining to single category displayed. You can have your choice from categories like “Business Meeting”, “Concert”, “Causes”, “Party”, “Rally”… that is, all the Facebook standards that we are familiar with by now. The likelihood of you finding a relevant event to attend, then, is increased exponentially through a system like this one. In Their Own Words

“Events from Facebook.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a spot-on way to know what goes on in your vicinity.

Some Questions About

Will the whole world ever be covered?


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