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Fabrick.comThe mission of is to simplify user’s digital experience, at home or on the web.


They offer online services, software and devices that help them store, access, manage, protect and share the user’s content. They are focused primarily no in traditional storage players, there basic is software and web services, offering end to end content management and backup solutions. offers you to stores in portable and external storage and backup solutions, and network attached storage devices for creative professional, small business and customer users. Is different form other’s they give you simplicity, function and style. has also revolutionized how to protect your digital content in case of fire or theft, they offer local and online backup solutions, Fabrick Ultimate Backup works in the background, uploading important files securely and automatically. They also have a full line of high speed memory upgrades such us: DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and SDRAM technologies that support the users’ applications.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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