search cancel – Eyes On Final Fantasy is a site entirely dedicated to Final Fantasy, an oriental role-playing oriental game (RPG) which has been in the screen of gamers since the eighties.


The site is one of the largest and most comprehensive sites of this game, including a large database of resources and almost all the released series. If you have played Final Fantasy before, invites you to spend some time here and enjoy all it has to offer. If you are new to Final Fantasy, this site will certainly get you interested in and excited about the most popular RPG game series of all time. Many of the site’s visitors are avid gamers who appreciate having a handy reference on hand, whether it is gaming news, information, hints and guides, or multimedia. The site tries to satisfy all these demands, and allow users to easily find just about anything they want related to Final Fantasy. With navigation on every page, and links to find just what you’re looking for, everything you want is right at your fingertips.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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