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Evilmadscientist.comIf you have ever watched a superhero movie, you have certainly known an evil scientist wanting to conquer or destroy the world. However, though the majority of the movie watchers identify themselves with Superman or Batman, there are others who like the bad guy.


This is one example; is a group of homemade scientists and laboratories which have been developing strange projects for almost four years. At this site you will be able to check all this perverse inventions, which are said to aim to make the world a better place, but may certainly have hidden intentions. Enter the evil portal and see all the news related with this group of pseudo-scientists. The site posts new projects every week, and you can see all the details of anyone you think is interesting. To see what’s going on in these people’s mind, you can check the comment’s section, where all the community members join to discuss how to dominate the world, or at least, how to call its attention.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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