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Euthanasia.comIn you will find a large amount of information about this polemic and controversial subject.


You will also get in touch with all the meanings that the term “euthanasia” conveys, such as physician-assisted suicide, living wills, or mercy killing. The people who carry on this page are committed to the fundamental belief that the intentional killing of another person is wrong. People that reach these kinds of situations deserve all the sympathy because of their suffering. The site provides visitors with a large database of articles, links, international contacts, and more. Many texts can be read online, and all of them can be downloaded in .doc or .pdf files. At the left had side of your screen toy will find all the links that lead you to the downloadable articles; they include a variety of subtopics like medical facts, legal facts, people stories, documents from organizations, and many others.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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