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Erstarnews.comStar News is a publication that caters for residents of Elk Rivers (Minnesota) and adjacent areas. Local coverage is provided when it comes to news and items of interest in the corresponding section, and sports also receive ample coverage.

A list of forthcoming events is available, showcasing the most notable community activities within Elk Rivers. On the other hand, a section entitled “Announcements” includes news on engagements and births. Obituaries can also be found therein. For its part, the “Opinions” page enables members of the community to submit their insight and suggestions for the benefit of Elk Rivers. A subsection that goes by the name of “Suburban Perspectives” includes opinions on city life and regulations such as the recent Law that forbids individuals to send SMS messages while driving. Lastly, a “Classifieds” page is featured, and it allows members of the community to sell and trade goods and services online.