search cancel – Economic Policy Institute – Economic Policy InstituteEPI is a non profitable organization that is continuously trying to create public debate on certain topics, in order to reach a fair and successful economy. Their job is to research and investigate deeply on matters that affect the economic condition of Americans who have a low or a middle income.


The articles published on the webpage are very professional and accurate. The organization is integrated by 7 PhD’s, among many other professionals. That level of excellence is reflected on the quality of the published works. The site includes an audio and video archive of some of EPI’s press conferences and seminars. You can read articles that expose current issues, or you can choose to read opinion essays, that were created by the organization staff. You can also sign up for emails or postal mailing lists. They ask you to select from a vast list of topics, so that you only receive the information you are really interested in. – Economic Policy Institute


Author : Fred Inman

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