ePaperFlip.com – Converting to Digital Flip Publications

ePaperFlip.comePaperFlip.com is a complete solution for all your digital presentation of printed materials from the house of Aglaia Software.

This company is a leading developer of products for presenting printed publications online. ePaperFlip.com has acquired a front roll in the digital publication world and is committed to providing customers with the best product on the market.

The team behind the company is constantly working to improve the products in order to provide the best, complete solution to each and every customer. Aglaia Software believes that customer service and support is as important as the products and service offered. It is the goal of the company to provide the ultimate solution for your company combined with the ultimate service experience.

ePaperFlip.com converts and presents printed publications such as catalogs, magazines, newspapers, etc. to an online format. It preserves the look and feel of original publications while integrating audio and video files to the publication, making it an interactive and fast means of reaching clients from anywhere in the world. ePaperFlip.com offers high-quality imaging, unlimited zoom capacity, and free hosting, and vector graphic text at very affordable prices.

It also allows anyone to help the environment while increasing their revenue through reduction of carbon print usage and the ability to instantly email your digital edition or mail by CD as an offline version. ePaperFlip.com