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Enviro.comThe well-known Sherwood industries Ltd, has been a leader in producing high quality gas, wood, and pellet appliances since 1989. They are located in Saanichton on Vancouver Island in the British Columbia.


One of the brands they manufacture is “enviro” brand. The enviro products are distributed through a large network which not only deliver the products but are also responsible for the installation. For doing this they use the highest quality in materials and construction. The materials they use are, basically, gas, wood, and pellet. Among the gas products they produce there are free standing, fire place inserts and fireplaces. They have many different models for gas fireplaces; check them out at the web site. In addition to their gas fireplaces, they produce wood free standing stoves too. Each and every one of them includes a picture along with an extended description of its features. Within the pellet items you will see fire place inserts, free standing, as well as fireplaces.


Author : Bill Webb

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