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uk is a leading UK entrepreneur forum, Were focused on bringing quality, honest advice to our members, the forum has had success in recent times with one of their members going on the all popular UK series of Dragons Den. Also Dragons Den have contacted the forum about advertising possibilities, which adds to its credibility in the UK entrepreneur sector. The forum is aimed at all ages groups with any sized business, and anyone truly passionate about entrepreneurship. Members have great fun networking with other entrepreneurs, investors, established business owners and inventors in the UK. The forum offers an invaluable source of knowledge for inspiration and innovation, while keeping the forum free and without ad’s we aim to gain a greater knowledge bank, so not only can UK entrepreneurs benefit, but entrepreneurs world wide. Our entrepreneurs believe there the driving force and the future of UK development. The thing that brings our Entrepreneurs together is they all have dreams and aspirations to becoming the best at what they do, and the senior members at the forum can relate to there beliefs. Thats why the staff at Entrepreneur Forum keep the forum alive for free, using there own money and resources and expect nothing in return.

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“A true entrepreneur does not focus on numbers. They play for the love of the game. That is why the entrepreneur “can go out there in any kind of weather”; sustain, endure, recover and enjoy the shear challenge as a priority, not the paycheck. This entrepreneur…cannot be stopped.

The greatest of entrepreneurs say money is just a way of keeping score. The accomplishments are the inspirations and sometimes a dollar value to label is injustice.”

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Why Entrepreneur Business Forum It Might Be A Killer

No other business forum has had a member appear on dragons den, or had them contact them about advertising.
We offer a Free traffic blog to anyone who signs up to our forum, in our blogs section. Just contact the admin
Were the only forum dedicated to UK entrepreneurs
We have great entrepreneur mentors on our forum


Author : Charly Zaks

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