search cancel – Enjoy the Internet is a social bookmarking community where you can share things that you enjoy around the internet.


It’s a great way to see what your friends are interested in as they travel around the internet. On the site you’ll find an abundance of images, videos, and articles of all things imaginable. From turn of the century photographs, articles on insects, interesting clothing items, funny ads, and much more you’ll find lots of things to keep you entertained.

In order to get started posting your own interesting stuff all you have to do is sign up, install the bookmarklet, go to a website, and click it. Select some text first, if you really like a quote from that site, or click one of the highlighted images to specify exactly what you like about a certain site.

By giving users the chance to specify exactly what they like on a certain page, website makers can see which parts of their pages are resonating with people. By not allowing users to change the title or editorialize specific things, other users can see an unfiltered look at what’s interesting.


Author : Bruce Turner

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