EnduringWord.Com – Biblical Portal

EnduringWord.ComThis site distributes the material and resources of a former pastor called David Guzik. He now has this webpage which features online commentaries about the bible, fragments of it in PDF and MP3 format, as well as some guides about the history of the Church, Christianity, and inspirational guides (which can be requested to be emailed to your address).

This man has lived his life around God and now wants to transmit his knowledge to all kinds of people. His material is free to view online, but, as it is copyrighted, you have to pay if you want it on a book or in a CD-ROM. That is why this page has also got an “Order” section which could be considered pocket-friendly, since it’s most popular and most expensive product as well costs only as much as $20, which is a CD-ROM with a PDF and MP3 format of the entire New Testament, as well as other interesting features. All in all, this website could be considered “Heaven” to Christian fans.

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