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EndTimePilgrim.orgThe religious net is growing by the minute, which seems a good thing: regardless of whether you are religious or not, the fact that people from all confessions have space to vent their opinions and clearly express their beliefs seems a good thing for freedom and peace. This site in particular is a devotional guide based on the Bible which presents a variety of resources to preach the prophecies that are –in their opinion— contained in it; I was happy to see that lengthy and thorough ‘About Us’ and ‘Statement of Faith’ sections are featured, so one can get a clear idea of what the standing point of these people is, and only then start reading their articles, devotional guides and Bible exegesis.


Care to know more? Don’t miss the links provided to a variety of other sites presenting videos and other media covering these and other aspects of Christian religion. You can also find a list of suggested reads and movies to watch, and also a collection of sermons to be found on other sites and which also deal with revelations and prophecies. The site is nicely designed, though some highlights or sections would be welcome to help newcomers quickly identify where to start reading; there is, though, a major problem in the way the site is built, namely that all links open a new tab or a new window, which makes navigating the site a bit complicated, to put it charitably.


Author : Steve Dixon

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