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Encore.comThis is an online portal that features what all gaming fanatics could wish for. Sorted into categories such as Classics, RPG, Simulation, Sports and Strategy (just to name a few), clicking in one of them will enable you to enter a long list of games.

You get a detailed description of the game, the minimum system requirements, and the chance to download a free demo of it. You also have a link to buy the game if you liked the demo or are just allured by the description (prices are very cheap.) The Web Games section gives us twenty three pages of online games, and if you fancy one (or a lot) of them, you also have the chance to buy the full version. The Latest Games section helps us with keeping up what’s new on the gaming industry. You can get the Encore.com newsletter completely free of charge, and it will give you tips and tricks on the latest games, as well as for popular games. A search engine is also available. Encore.com