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Empowerism.comAn Internet marketing company with a decade in the business is always something to pay attention to, so go over to for a fee they offer extensive marketing training and overnight riches, many many riches, which is always a symptomatic claim.


Needless to say, in order to find out what their magic get-rich scheme is all about, you’ll need to render your email address (and tacitly accept the spam you’ll start receiving as a result), but by goggling around you’ll see that there’s not much positive raving about what turns out to be a pyramid marketing program which sells marketing training (but can be used to sell pretty much everything, as long as you favor the huge-smile, smart-suit approach) through the internet: what the program can actually do for you is increase traffic, but the sales… well, the sales depend on how well you implement their marketing strategies, which by the way rely on SEO and web 2.0 social platforms (social networks and Yahoo! Answers-like suites) instead of massive email campaigns. What beats me about sites like this one is how they all look the same, with their bold colors, banner-like advertisements, huge lettering and cero core information. How many people are still being attracted to such tell-tale signs? Wouldn’t it be better to actually let people know what they are signing up for instead of teasing them into revealing their email address?


Author : Steve Dixon

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