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ElizabethI.orgFor those of you with a fancy for English renaissance history, there’s good news in store: is entirely dedicated to covering the life, politics and culture under the reign of the Elizabeth I, and also the influences and treatment it has received in modern culture, from novels, biographies and movies to a library of links of interest on the queen.


Though it focuses on the queen herself, both on her private and public lives, you can read extensive information and biographies of some of the most important figures of the time, ranging from Mary Queen of Scots to Shakespeare, and also learn about daily life: how people were dressed, what they ate, what they did to entertain the idle hours, or how women were regarded in society, among many other interesting reads. The site is simple but nicely designed, and the information you’ll be able to find in it is written in an easy-to-understand style fit for non academic audiences; if you care to read research papers, you’ll be able to find them on the site too. I think that it could be nice to add one of those useful features which help readers make correct citations for academic purposes (there’s one, but it’s in the homepage, thus making it improbable for people who are directed to the site by search engines to look for it). Students and teachers will be happy to know that quizzes on Tudor history and legends can be found on the site, together with reading guides to help them find interesting articles and both fiction and non-fiction works to deepen the knowledge of the Elizabethan England.


Author : Steve Dixon

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